Friday, August 20, 2004

Rising Israeli-Iranian Tensions

Tensions Escalate Between Israel, Iran

That's the stark headline on Yahoo News:
JERUSALEM - Iran threatened this week to attack Israel's nuclear facilities. Israel ominously warned that it "knows how to defend itself." Tensions between the two arch enemies have suddenly escalated, underlining the other great enmity that has been bubbling on the sidelines of the Arab-Israeli conflict for more than two decades.

Suspicions that the Iranian regime is moving forward with a nuclear arms program deeply worry Israel, which considers Iran the greatest threat to the Jewish state. Israeli officials say they want to avoid escalating the situation, however, and there is no sign Israel is building up for an attack like the one that destroyed Iraq (news - web sites)'s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981.

Experts say the two countries are unlikely to go to war anytime soon, despite the heated-up rhetoric coming out of Iran and the intensified efforts by Israel to isolate the Iranian regime diplomatically.
This doesn't bold well for the situation. Now Iran is openly treatening to attack Israel's nuclear sites and it shouldn't be taken as a bluff because Iran is equipped with the medium range Shahab-3 missle.