Friday, June 18, 2004

al-Qaeda Inc.?

I'll start off with two must read posts by Dan Darling, who I consider one of the foremost experts on al-Qaeda and the War on Terror, in the blogosphere.

These are very comprehensive (and long) posts, but as always with Dan's writings, you have to read the whole thing. The posts are a masterful fisking of the 9/11 Commission's report on the history of al-Qaeda.

Next we have two very important events happening in Saudi Arabia today. (1) The vicious beheading of American citizen Paul Johnson and (2) the killing of al-Qaeda Saudi Arabian leader al-Muqrin. There is something fishy going on that Saudi Security forces just happened to find al-Muqrin a few hours after Johnson was murdered. Incidentally, Dan also notes that same irony in a WoC comment section:
Don't ya just love how they managed to find al-Muqrin only after he and his thugs had murdered Johnson after nearly a week of "intensive searching" in one of the most totalitarian societies on the planet?
Surely Dan, this was just a tragic coincidence...