Sunday, September 19, 2004

Post Script II: This Isn't Wise

A thought just occured to me about the New York Times article I linked to yesterday. What sense does it make to annouce this on the front page of the most read paper in the world? Certainly, this news will trickle down to Zarqawi and his terrorist ilk and they can begin making preparations for the defense of the Sunni Triangle. Isn't this like writing about the Normandy invasions in March of 1944, 3 months before it took place. What could the terrorists really do with this information? Well, if they have a rough time table for when an assualt will begin they could launch a massive offensive in the South or North of Iraq to distract vital resources away from an offensive against Fallujah. They can also have Syria and Iran step up smuggling of arms and money into those cities to stiffen resistance. They don't have to win, they just have to make it extremely bloody for us and everyday Iraqis.