Saturday, August 28, 2004

Keyes for SecState?

So says the Final Historian.
I have heard to the effect that Colin Powell was going to resign as Secretary of State should President Bush be re-elected. I think that there is a good chance that if Bush is re-elected, and Powell steps down, that Alan Keyes may be nominated in his place. This assumes of course that Keyes fails to win the Senate seat in Illinois.

Keyes has as much chance of becoming Secretary of State in a second term Bush administration as Noam Chomsky does. Seriously, he's turned into quite the kook lately, even being assailed by prominent GOP members as well as Democrats. Why is he a kook? Well here are some of the things he's said recently.
Keyes has announced his plan to bring home the black vote when he proposed that for a generation or two, African-Americans of slave heritage should be exempted from federal taxes--federal because slavery "was an egregious failure on the part of the federal establishment." (Chicago Tribune)
He also wants to end popular elections of Senators. And he likened abortion rights activists to slaveholders! No wonder Obama is beating Keyes 65% to 21% (a 41% margin!). Ryan, who dropped out of the race last month due to a sex scandal, would get 31% in a hypothetical matchup opposite Obama.

I don't really see what other qualifications Keyes has for such a high level cabinet position.