Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Draft Meme

Our local paper here in the city, the Shepherd Express, has that quite alarmist cover in its latest issue. It certainly caught me attention, along with everyone else who happened to see it. The story says that the Selective Service Commission is secretly readying a mobilization of troops in 2005. This more or less centers around the two identical resolutions that have been circulating around Congress for almost 2 years now, H. Res. 163 and S. 89. the authors of the House bill are Rangel (D-NY) and Conyers (D-MI), and Hollings (D-SC) authored the Senate one. Now, does it strike anyone as interesting the pattern there is between the three? Yup, they are all Democrats.
Meanwhile, according to Project Censored, the Pentagon has launched a stealthy campaign to fill all 10,350 of its draft board positions and thousands of appeals board posts.

And still, if asked, federal officials aren't explaining the reasons for this mass recruitment. It's this attitude, in Washington--and especially in the White House--that should scare you the most. After all, you could be their next recruit.

If this isn't enough evidence, Sen. John Kerry alleges that Bush is planning a major mobilization of reserves and National Guard members immediately after the Nov. 2 election.
UPDATE: Congress has crushed the draft resolution with a nearly unanimous vote of 402-2 (incidentally, the two who voted for it were Democrats).