Saturday, April 03, 2004

Fallujah Massacre

I purposely haven't said much about the events that took place on Wednesday in Fallujah, Iraq. Unless you've been living in Antartica, you already know what happened and the blogsphere has covered it extensively already here, here, and here. Honestly, I find the attacks to be incredibly atrocious as well as most reasonable people. One of the most interesting things is to look at the reactions of the general population.

  • My socialist US History teacher who vehemently opposed the war: "Eh, people are being occupied by a foreign power, what do you expect them to do?"
  • My left-wing English teacher who also opposed the war: "I wouldn't be surprised if they firebombed Fallujah like we did to Dresden. I definitely think it's justified in a case like this."
  • Pro-war friends: "Well, this is a whole new level of hate, they will never accept us in Fallujah so maybe we should pull out of the city."