Saturday, August 28, 2004


Juan A. Hervada has a very good post on Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and how his policies are playing into the hands of jihadists that want to reclaim Al Andalus (Spain). I highly recommend reading it.

I also wrote a little about all of this back in March after the train bombings.
To the Muslim, once a land has been conquered in Jihad, that land is forever Muslim. It doesn't matter if someone reconquers it and claims it as their own, the land remains theirs. If the Muslim's had it once, they will "by the will of Allah" have it again. They might fight one war, ten wars, fifty wars, a thousand and lose each time, but one day they will fight the thousand and oneth war and win. The House of Truce is always a temporary situation which might turn to their advantage in the next battle that is fought. Any lands already conquered are in the land of Islam, any not conquered yet, are in the House of War.