Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm Back!!!

Yes, dear readers, the rumors are true, The Urban Empire has returned from haitus. School was taking a huge bite out of my time and I couldn't sustain constant blogging during that time, but that heavy load is over so I can devote much more time to this blog. I'll make it bigger and better than before. I have a lot to say regarding several important events around the world and here in this country.

I did want to touch on the election just a bit. Throughout the day on Wednesday, there was this feeling of shock and depression in the city. I live in Milwaukee, a city which went 73% for Kerry and it was just like no one could believe it. My one Republican friend was all smiles, of course. My other friends almost immediately started distancing themselves from Kerry saying how much of a horrible candidate he was (even though they vehemently defended him whenever I made such a claim about him). Then suddenly, the blame shifted. As the fact that Bush won the popular vote by over 3.6 million votes sunk in, many (excluding myself) Kerry supporters started to blame the voters themselves. Comments such as "This is why democracies really suck" or "Stupid dumb hicks shouldn't be allowed to vote" were frequent. Then they see figures like this and the absoluteness of Bush's margin is solidifed.
3,141 counties, boroughs, and parishes in the United States
2,544 counties carried by Bush (81% of total)
597 counties carried by Kerry (19% of total) [via The Glittering Eye]
I don't want to be one of those bloggers who devotes paragraphs and paragrphs to why the Democrats lost so huge or who they can run in 2008 to win back the White House, Although the favorite seems to be Hilary Clinton (and I've speculated for the past 6 months that if Kerry lost they'd try to run here). The New York Times had an short column a few days ago about the prospect of her running. One of the main points that they said you had to take into account is if she has already become the de facto nominee only a couple days after the 2004 election, the Republicans have a full 4 years to try and take her down.